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Men's Right's Group of Arizona Llc Paralegal Services

Our Team of Experienced Advocates, Social Researchers and Journalist Are Working to Protect Your Rights!

Advocating for Male Victims of Domestic Violence

We advocate for those who don't have a voice in our political, legal and justice systems 

Advocating for Men’s and Father's Rights

Our Focus Areas

Legal Assistance

Ensuring Your  Rights in DV and Divorce Cases are Protected

​The Men's Rights Group of Arizona LLC was formed in 2012 to assist men in domestic violence cases and fight against many different types of false allegations. Since then, we have worked hard to educate the public on the many social, political and family issues men face in Arizona and throughout our society. 

We educate policy makers and public entities about the issues men face in divorce, domestic violence, paternity fraud, educational and workplace discrimination. Our organization does this by openly discussing these issues on our blog and in our magazine, "Men's Views Magazine".

Our organization also directly advocates for male victims of domestic violence and those facing false allegations in family and criminal court. In addition, we have partnered with a third-party legal services firm to provide you legal advice and service for less than $20 a month. We are here to help you in a society that is designed to make men disposable and irrelevant in the lives of their children.     

Sociological Research & Publishing